The present concern

Roads are at the very heart of European economy. Indeed, about 72% of the total land-based transports of goods is transported on roads and the last decade has witnessed an increase by 17% of the use of passenger cars to finally reach about 4,500 billion of passenger-kilometre in 2006.

This context of increasing use of European roads makes somehow important that drivers using the Trans-European Road Network can rest on safe parking areas, both to respect general public laws for road safety and enhance security of drivers and carried goods.

Precisely, today the Trans-European Road Network lacks secure and quality Truck Parking Areas (TPAs) and nothing guarantees that professional truck drivers have easy and regular access to TPAs providing high security and quality standards.

The future Benefits

LABEL aims to facilitate the provision of secured TPAs to all road-users, especially truck drivers.

LABEL will reach its overall objective by establishing a TPA certification system guaranteeing high standards in terms of security, safety, comfort, dignity, food and shopping. LABEL's main objective is to have the widest range of stakeholders (public authorities, motorway operators, certifiers, insurers, shippers, forwarders, carriers, truck operators, etc.) endorsing the certification scheme.

The certification scheme developed in the frame of LABEL will

  1. raise the quality, security and safety of TPAs
  2. offer quality related services (food and shopping) to all users
  3. introduce a signalisation scheme meeting high visual standards
  4. certify a large number of TPAs in at least 10 EU Member States
  5. foster further certification throughout the Trans-European Road Network.

These improvements of TPAs will of course benefit to professional drivers to improve their working conditions. However, in the end LABEL services shall benefit all potential users, not only professional drivers.