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LABEL Newsletter Nº 3 : September 2010

by IRENE FUSCO — Institutional Affairs Officer European Union Road Federation, ERF

LABEL at the 16th International Road Federation World Meeting

The 16th International Road Federation World Meeting, which was held in Lisbon from the 25th to the 28th of May 2010, attracted about 1,500 participants and was attended by numerous stakeholders, as well as a number of eminent keynote speakers. This key road sector event, “Sharing the Road” was jointly organised by the European Union Road Federation (ERF), the Centro Rodoviário Português (CRP) and the International Road Federation (IRF).

During this four-day event, the European Union Road Federation attracted many visitors to its booth and raised awareness about the LABEL project. Many of the people who attended, including road constructors, road managers and administrators, expressed their appreciation for the EU co-funded project’s objectives of making Truck Parking Areas (TPA) safer, more secure and more comfortable.

Many representatives of the different categories, were particularly interested in the labelling concept that will stimulate truck parking operators to improve the quality and security of TPAs and will encourage drivers and shippers to choose “highly labelled” TPAs both for the security of the goods and the safety and comfort of the drivers. This will generate a positive snowball effect on the overall safety and efficiency of the European road network.

LABEL has demonstrated the ability to provide solutions toward overcoming parking problems for trucks in Europe and has gained positive acknowledgement by the road sector.