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LABEL Newsletter Nº 3 : September 2010


Evaluation of LABEL

The LABEL project is now in full motion, the standards have been established and the LABEL Advisory Board1 has been consulted. Therefore, the next stage of the LABEL project can commence – Evaluation!

The Objectives of the “Evaluation” Work Package in LABEL

The objective of the Evaluation Work Package, known as WP6, is to assess the impact of LABEL from the point of view of the relevant stakeholders. Therefore, the focus of this Work Package will be user feedback from directly involved stakeholders such as:

More importantly, we cannot evaluate a fully functional LABEL scheme, as the purpose of the project is to create such a scheme. However, this work package will test stakeholders’ perceptions of such a scheme and test the likelihood of the success of LABEL. This will provide the project team with important observations and recommendations to proceed and to help position the LABEL scheme when it is finalised.

The Expert Team

In order to complete the important tasks contained in WP6 it was essential that the right team was selected. The following expert companies were therefore chosen to evaluate the LABEL project:

WP6’s Comprehensive Methodology

In order to satisfy the objectives of WP6 it was important from the outset to establish a clear methodology that would maximise the benefits of this WP. Therefore, we have taken great care in creating a methodology that will appeal to the right stakeholders as mentioned before. These stakeholders have been consulted as part of several qualitative questionnaires/interviews that have been disseminated. The results of these outputs will be used as input for both the business case and the analysis and recommendations of the WP, thus providing recommendations that will make the LABEL accreditation system beneficial to stakeholders.

The Interactive Business Case Tool

A major output of this WP6, which will benefit truck parking areas across Europe, is the interactive business case tool. This tool will enable truck park operators to calculate approximately how much it will cost to upgrade their facilities to meet any of the LABEL levels for security and dignity. This will ultimately enable operators to forecast whether upgrade costs would be viable for their business and reduce the risk of upgrading.

Further Information

If you would like to air your opinions about the LABEL project or answer a questionnaire please contact: Jonpaul Simpson, LABEL WP6 Coordinator, AECOM. Tel: (+44)0161 9278057 Email:

1The LABEL Advisory Board includes some of the main stakeholder organisations in truck parking. The Advisory Board members typically represent much wider audiences. The Advisory Board members explain, judge and evaluate LABEL results and provide feedback to the LABEL project team.