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LABEL Newsletter Nº 3 : September 2010

by LIONEL LEULLIER — Manager Logistics Development, SANEF

SANEF’s Experience in Truck Parking Areas

Since 2005, Sanef (Société des Autoroutes du Nord et de l’Est de la France; an Abertis subsidy) has been operating one of the first Secure Truck Parking areas in France along the A1-E15 motorway, 30km north of Paris. Sanef has been an active member of the Advisory Board of LABEL since the beginning of the project. One of Sanef’s objectives that can be achieved through LABEL is to exchange good practices between EU countries in this specific field of activity and to help define the better levels of the security and quality of services areas along the Trans European Network.

Secure Truck Park on the A1-E15 motorway (France)

This location offers 156 secure spaces for trucks for short or long stays, during the week or at weekends, or to temporarily secure a vehicle carrying high value goods. Services provided on this site (open 24 hours) are: Security (fences, access control, CCTV) showers, 24 hour toilets, bar & restaurant, shop, lounge, cinema TV, cash dispenser, telephone, internet access / Wi-Fi, laundry services, diesel and gas-oil. The French ETC, Fuel Cards and major credit cards are accepted for payment.

The First Results

It took almost four years to make the market understand the necessity of such services. Currently the TPA is quite efficient regarding security: no incident has been reported at this TPA or at other secure TPAs in France. The occupancy rate is steadily increasing (see the graph below), despite the fact that the financial crisis was terrible for cargos. The insurance sector began to move on the subject in 2010. Insurer AXA France now contributes € 5 toward each night spent at a Secure Truck Park. The drivers are happy to stop at adequate parking areas with satisfactory services. Everything has to be geared toward improving working conditions for drivers and toward helping them sleep better in a secure environment.

To Continue

Bearing in mind that the cost of insecurity is still very high in the EU (€ 8 billion) there are high demands for a network of secure truck parking areas. This cannot be achieved through isolated initiatives. EU projects like SETPOS or LABEL are very useful to involve all stakeholders.

Even if the occupancy rate increases steadily, the amount of investment needed requires financial support (EU countries, local authorities). The business plans that have been elaborated indicate that private companies can currently invest up to 50% of the initial amount needed because of the high cost of land and pavement, and also to maintain and operate the parks for a long term period. Sanef and Abertis aim at developing these services along their motorways and would also like to do this in collaboration with other Secure Truck Parking Areas in the EU. This will lead to a real network of services for transport companies and drivers. For more information please contact: Lionel Leullier, Sanef, 30 Bd Gallieni, 92130 Issy Les Moulineaux. E-mail: