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LABEL Newsletter Nº 4 : January 2011

This newsletter is for all participants in LABEL and all other interested parties, especially stakeholder groups like Truck Parking Areas, transport companies, insurers, shippers, drivers and National Authorities or their representatives.

LABEL is a € 2,7 million project, partially funded by the European Commission (DG MOVE). The LABEL project aims at establishing and maintaining a broadly accepted certification system for Truck Parking Areas in Europe. The acronym LABEL stands for Creating a Label for (Secured) Truck Parking Areas along the Trans-European Road Network and Defining a Certification Process, including Online Information Facility.

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Welcome to this third LABEL Newsletter — enjoy!

by ROB DE LEEUW VAN WEENEN — Senior Project Manager, NEA Transport research and training

Improving Truck Parking Security and Quality in Europe

The LABEL Project Comes to a Successful End
In Europe, cargo theft is a criminal phenomenon that has an important economic impact. Research has put the total cost of cargo theft at approximately € 8,2 billion yearly.

by JEROEN DE STERCKE - Project leader "Secured Truck Parking Areas" - Belgian Federal Public Service Home Affairs, DG Security and Prevention

Belgium Boosts Standards for Secure Truck Parking Areas and uses the LABEL Model for a New EU Resolution

In 2005, the Belgian Federal Public Service Home Affairs launched a project on secured parking areas. The reason for initiating the project was the significant rise in cargo thefts, representing a double threat: economical and in security.

by MICHAEL NIELSEN - General Delegate - International Road Transport Union (IRU)

IRU / ITF Implementation Plan on Secure Truck Parking Areas and Labelling

For a Sustainable System of Truck Parking Area Development, Geographic Localisation, Standardisation and Assessment

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) and the International Transport Forum (ITF) proposed an implementation plan on locating secure truck parking areas (TPA) and labelling them.

by CRISTIAN ANDREI, Manager of the Traffic Safety Department and CRISTINA AMARAZEANU, Head Office of Planning and Strategy Office - Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads

New Truck Parking Areas in Romania

The main purpose of the Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads (RNCMNR) is to design, build, modernise, rehabilitate, repair, manage and maintain national roads, with the objective of enhancing road safety. This also includes the development of secured parking areas along the national road network.

by FREDERIK FLAMANT Atlantis International Services SA and Michael Manroth, auditor to DEKRA Certification GMbH

The LABEL Certification: the Auditors' Impressions

Atlantis International Services SA, located in Belgium with a global network of offices and correspondents, offers more than 35 years of service to aviation, marine and transport industries and underwriters for arbitration, audits, certification, ,recovery, loss prevention, surveys and trouble-shooting.

by KARINE PILLOT - Directrice Développement des Territoires - Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Territoriale des Deux-Sèvres

SecuriTpark, Proud to be Acknowledged at European Level

SecuriTpark is a secured parking area for heavy good vehicles (HGVs) in Western France. Ever since its opening in March 2009, drivers and their loads benefit from forty secured parking slots on the site.

by ROBERT SAUTER - Director Test Center Mobility - ADAC

LABEL: No More Relying on Sheer Luck

Parking spaces are in very short supply along motorways throughout Europe. Often, truck queues at truck parking areas (TPAs) extend as far back as the entrances to the facilities. Unfortunately, Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers parking on the emergency lane and spending the night next to the passing traffic is not an uncommon sight on European motorways.