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LABEL Newsletter NÂș 4 : january 2011

by CRISTIAN ANDREI, Manager of the Traffic Safety Department and CRISTINA AMARAZEANU, Head Office of Planning and Strategy Office - Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads

New Truck Parking Areas in Romania

The main purpose of the Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads (RNCMNR) is to design, build, modernise, rehabilitate, repair, manage and maintain national roads, with the objective of enhancing road safety. This also includes the development of secured parking areas along the national road network.

The design and construction of new roads has been initiated under the current legislation, as well as the rehabilitation and upgrading of existing roads. This also concerns construction and development of suitable areas for truck drivers in order to comply with the European provisions on driving and resting times. The RNCMNR adopted a legal framework for the design of parking areas along Romanian highways that provide a certain level of security and service.

There are two types of truck parking areas that are approved by the RNCMNR: one with a basic security level and a basic service level, the other with extra services. The TPA type with a basic level of security and service has characteristics like lighting, fences and security checks, as well as toilets, a water tap, waste bins and a (roofed) picnic table. The TPA type with extra services adds characteristics to this such as a 24 hour fuel station, a shop and a snackbar. For an overview, please see the lay-out below.

From 19-21 January 2011, LABEL audits have taken place during which a total of 18 Truck Parking Areas were audited. TPAs were audited along the A2 motorway that satisfy the RNCMNR framework. One of the conclusions drawn from these audits was that the security characteristics of these TPAs generally were equivalent to one security lock. With regard to service, the TPAs with the basic service level are equivalent to one star, while the TPAs with extra services are good for two stars.

Lay-out of a TPA with basic security level and basic service level

Lay-out of a TPA with basic security level and higher service level