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LABEL Newsletter Nº 4 : january 2011

by KARINE PILLOT - Directrice Développement des Territoires - Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Territoriale des Deux-Sèvres

SecuriTpark, Proud to be Acknowledged at European Level

SecuriTpark is a secured parking area for heavy good vehicles (HGVs) in Western France. Ever since its opening in March 2009, drivers and their loads benefit from forty secured parking slots on the site. Ideally located at the junction of highways E05 and E03, SecuriTpark is at the heart of a dynamic road centre, offering professional drivers numerous essential services: restaurants, fuel stations, garages, truck washes, a customs office, etc.

SecuriTpark was initiated by transport company managers grouped within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Department of Deux–Sèvres. The Chamber developed and financed the site. The SecuriTpark was established in response to the obligation imposed by insurers to park high value HGVs in enclosed and secured areas. As it is located in a heavy transit area between the North (The United Kingdom, BENELUX) and the South (Spain and Portugal) of Europe, SecuriTpark managers also decided to follow the standards set by the European Commission's SETPOS and LABEL projects.

As of summer 2009, they accepted being part of the first labelling and, on 13 January 2010, Atlantis auditors visited the infrastructure to proceed with the audit.

4 Locks and 3 Stars

SecuriTpark has now been awarded with four locks and three stars, which measure the levels of security and comfort provided to drivers by the TPA. Managers are glad to see their efforts rewarded and consider the LABEL standards an important step in raising the level of security to be able to guarantee customers with the same level of service and security throughout Europe. The LABEL project and its certification provides SecuriTpark with a unique opportunity to promote itself. It allowed the park to benefit from a network of more than seventy parking areas, a common and unique European communication strategy (guidelines, websites, etc), easily identifiable by all potential users.

SecuriTpark is proud to take up the challenge and progress in the certification by developing services that respond to the needs of professionals.