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LABEL Newsletter Nº 4 : january 2011

by FREDERIK FLAMANT Atlantis International Services SA and Michael Manroth, auditor to DEKRA Certification GMbH

The LABEL Certification: the Auditors’ Impressions

Atlantis International Services SA, located in Belgium with a global network of offices and correspondents, offers more than 35 years of service to aviation, marine and transport industries and underwriters for arbitration, audits, certification, ,recovery, loss prevention, surveys and trouble-shooting. DEKRA Certification GMbH is one of the world’s leading expert organisations on certification. The company is currently present in 50 countries and has more than 22,000 employees. The broad experience of both of these companies were made available to the LABEL project.

Reliable information on security and safety is very important, a European Truck Parking Area (TPA) certification as LABEL is very valuable in providing this information. Involved from the start of the LABEL project, Atlantis and DEKRA participated actively in the verification and collection of existing standards (Work Package 2), in setting up a certification scheme and determining criteria and levels (Work Package 3) and the selection of TPAs and their certification (Work Package 5).

From November 2009 until November 2010, 71 TPAs were audited in various European countries. The outcome of these audits, including noting problems and opportunities, collecting further advice and recommendations, resulted in the establishment of the final criteria on security and services. Later, the number of audited TPAs was even increased to over 100.

Atlantis and DEKRA can only but confirm the enthusiastic and positive attitude of the TPA managers towards the LABEL project and its criteria and levels. In many cases, advice given on site concerning possible adjustment to increase the levels of security or services have been duly noted and, in many cases, changes have been made. Atlantis and DEKRA also noted that many TPAs managers work with other managers to develop networks of secure truck parking areas along European Roads. Their willingness, enthusiasm and expertise will be part of successively ensuring the sustainability of the LABEL standards and certification.

The world is changing and improving security and information is essential. LABEL certification is a perfect tool to reach this goal and Atlantis and DEKRA are glad to assist in achieving these objectives.