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LABEL Newsletter Nº 1 : May 2009

This newsletter is intended for all participants and interested parties in LABEL.

LABEL is a € 2.7 million European Commission (DG TREN) part funded project, aimed at establishing and encouraging a certification system, with broad acceptability, for Truck Parking Areas in Europe. LABEL stands for Creating a Label for (Secured) Truck Parking Areas along the Trans-European Road Network and Defining a Certification Process. Including Online Information Facility.

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Welcome to this first LABEL Newsletter — enjoy!

by ROB DE LEEUW VAN WEENEN — Senior Project Manager, NEA Transport research and training

Stars & Locks for Parking Areas

Combating truck crime and improving driver dignity by designing and introducing (and displaying) a rating system for truck parking area security and service…

night driving


The LABEL project in the perspective of the drivers’ hours rules

The roots of the LABEL project lie in the correlation between EC Regulation 561/2006 dealing with road transport driving time, and the transport sector itself — representing considerable economic weight and being quite vulnerable.

by DAVID MILLNER — Marketing Manager, Move & Park SAS

Truck Parking Conference in Brussels on 29 April — a success

Security, information and quality
…and making business sense of dignity and security

This rich-in-content conference attracted some 200 attendees, and "doubled-up" as the LABEL kick-off event.

setpso label

JONPAUL SIMPSON — Senior Consultant, Faber Maunsel AECOM
(Faber Maunsel AECOM is the SETPOS project coordinator)

SETPOS passes the banner to LABEL

In the race to reduce freight related crime and improve drivers working conditions, the SETPOS team is passing the baton on to LABEL.

by JÜRGEN WEHNERT — Operations Manager, Move & Park SAS

Security and costs — bridging the gap

Can security be affordable, can the investments and operational costs be balanced against what the user is willing to pay?

by DAVID MILLNER — Marketing Manager, Move & Park SAS

What’s in the visual identity?

Or rather maybe one should be posing the question “where is LABEL’s visual identity?

By guest writer: Jan Bergrath — freelance transport journalist, Germany
(article in German with summery in English)

Everyday Madness

Parking space misery on German motorways.


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