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LABEL Newsletter Nº 1 : May 2009

JONPAUL SIMPSON — Senior Consultant, Faber Maunsel AECOM

SETPOS passes the baton to LABEL

In the race to reduce freight related crime and improve drivers working conditions, the SETPOS team is passing the baton on to LABEL.

setpso labelSETPOS was a pilot project initiated by the European Commission — Directorate General for Energy and Transport (€5.28m  co-funded) in June 2007. The project responded to the growing concerns about attacks on high value cargo and vehicles, coupled with the lack of adequate rest facilities for drivers.

SETPOS recognised that the establishment of secured truck parking sites and associated information services became an important element in helping reduce crime and improve driver working conditions.

The comprehensive work and research carried out by the project has ensured that the project successfully met its three objectives, which were to:

  1. Achieve consensus on a common standard for secure truck parking

  2. Construct a number of secured truck parking areas in trans border regions to demonstrate the standard

  3. Establish an information, guidance and reservation ICT platform for all types of truck parking.

As the SETPOS project is nearing an end, the outputs and security standards created during the last two years will be taken forward by the LABEL project. The LABEL project is a natural progression that will enable the SETPOS standards to live on. LABEL is inherently linked to SETPOS but it is a separate project co-financed by the EC.

As coordinators of SETPOS, may we take this opportunity to thank all the beneficiaries and stakeholders who have contributed to the project and wish LABEL all the best in creating an accreditation system that recognises quality and security.