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LABEL Newsletter Nº 1 : May 2009

by JÜRGEN WEHNERT — Operations Manager, Move & Park SAS

Security and costs — bridging the gap

Most things in life have a price tag attached to them. Secured parking is no exception to this rule. Can security be affordable, can the investments and operational costs be balanced against what the user is willing to pay? This equation is difficult to solve, yet it needs to be done. An often heard “solution”: Can’t we lower security just a little to make it affordable? Unfortunately security is non-negotiable and there are “interested parties” literally at the other side of the fence of a secured site who would love to see small yet devastating softenings.

Then again there is no absolute “secure”. Where are we then? The solution is in defining target security levels, in analysing and working with threat scenarios and by very carefully putting all technical and operational measures together. LABEL is being fed by SETPOS and that project has defined two security levels and an additional “special security”.

SETPOS has positioned its lowest level “SETPOS Secure” so that it provides quite robust security while being low on operational costs. “High Security” requires more investment and permanent staffing. The simple truth remains: “Security costs money”, yet careful design and flexibility in the requirements of the SETPOS standard help to limit costs.

A simple example: When reversing on a parking area, lorries can easily damage the vital fence at the perimeter. One way out: a protecting clearance between the fence and the tarmac. However, that costs a lot of valuable real estate. SETPOS’ way out: if a process exists to check the integrity of the fence regularly then this is sufficient on a lower security level.

LABEL will need to carry on working in the spirit of taking security very seriously while being creative when it comes to minimizing costs.