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LABEL Newsletter Nº 1 : May 2009

LABEL Work Package Updates

Work Package 2 – Existing standards and Legal Framework

by LESLIE GUILLOU — Groupe Save

This Work Package is aimed at producing recommendations with regards to criteria use and levels to distinguish with regards to safety, security, comfort & dignity and food & shopping. The main tasks consist in determining an overview of existing standards, performing a risk assessment of parking area and researching an adequate LABEL methodology.

The first draft was elaborated on December 2008 and presented at the last Advisory Board. WP2 partners are currently working on the final draft which should be finalised very soon. 

The team has given its reflections on the risk assessment and based its thoughts on the development of several levels of security as well as list of services. These levels will complete those of SETPOS which are very high and will enable the LABEL auditors and certifiers to assess at minimum 75 parking areas in Europe and especially in the Corridor IV (Eastern Europe countries from Germany to Turkey and Greece).

These levels must enable to develop a list of secured parking areas all over the Europe. These will be adapted to the requirements of hauliers as regards security and also to the requirements of the 27 countries of the European Union.


Work Package 3 – Classification and Certification scheme

by SILVIA BADER — Project Manager Business Development, DEKRA Certification

End of January DEKRA Certification started the Work Package 3 with the Kick-Off-Meeting in Stuttgart. The objective of WP3 is to set up a certification scheme including re-certification rules.

The Kick-Off-Meeting was very constructive and we could achieve some good results. We decided to set up the certification process on two systems of criteria: security and service. The symbols of security will be locks and the symbols of service will be stars. These symbols are international and already accepted by the market. Further we agreed that the classification scheme "service" includes the following elements: comfort and dignity, safety, services, food and shopping.

End of February DEKRA Certification organized a follow-up meeting in Stuttgart. We decided to link LABEL with SETPOS concerning the classification scheme "security".

Next steps:
On the 29th of April during the Truck Parking Conference in Brussels, Silvia Bader (Project Manager Business Development, DEKRA Certification) will present the status of the LABEL certification standard.


Work Package 4 – Support Systems

by JÜRGEN WEHNERT — Operations Manager, Move & Park SAS

WP4 has started with a number of preparatory work items, such as:

This work package has five main tasks:

  1. The design of a graphical identity for road signs, certificates, and web sites
  2. A computer based rating schemes for TPAs
  3. Development of a database to hold the information on LABEL certified TPA, plus the design of data input and output to and from the database
  4. A driver assessment tool for TPA quality (feedback from end-users)
  5. Promotion tools for the project

Much of the work of WP4 relates to WP3, which provides concrete output regarding certification schemes and categories, and that output is still under construction. However, with a view to the SETPOS and LABEL conference in Brussels, April 29, some work had to be done in advance. This includes a  two page LABEL portrait and a prototype design for a road sign indicating a LABEL certified truck parking area.


Work Package 5 – Certification Process
Work Package 6 – Evaluation

…not yet started

Work Package 7 – Interest Groups and Dissemination

by ROB DE LEEUW VAN WEENEN — Senior Project Manager, NEA Transport research and training

The LABEL project will assist European transport-related government bodies to keep abreast of freight traffic growth and freight crime. LABEL aims at creating public awareness that it is actively improving the security and quality of truck parking areas. Promotion of the labeling scheme is necessary in order to make truck parking areas and their users aware that there is a new labeling scheme and to make them more aware of quality aspects and the necessity to report crime incidents. The broad involvement of government agencies and institutional organisations in the LABEL Advisory Board provides support in the communication with the member countries in order to accelerate the improvement of security and quality in parking.

The success of LABEL highly depends on the interaction with the stakeholders. To inform the stakeholders about LABEL and to get their feedback, a number of dissemination instruments will be utilized. Firstly, LABEL has an advisory board that consists of organisations representing drivers, forwarders, hauliers, shippers, insurances and road and TPA operators. Through this advisory board they are involved in the latest developments and asked for their advice. Recently, an advisory board meeting was held in order to discuss the results of WP2. A broader dissemination will also take place, articles will be placed in magazines, television footage will be made and conferences will be held. The first of these conferences will soon be held, the upcoming SETPOS/LABEL event, in April. Would you like to know more about this conference? Click here to download a conference brochure (4 page PDF).