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LABEL Newsletter Nº 2 : September 2009

This newsletter is intended for all participants and interested parties in LABEL.

LABEL is a € 2.7 million European Commission (DG TREN) part funded project, aimed at establishing and encouraging a certification system, with broad acceptability, for Truck Parking Areas in Europe. LABEL stands for Creating a Label for (Secured) Truck Parking Areas along the Trans-European Road Network and Defining a Certification Process, Including Online Information Facility.

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Welcome to this second LABEL Newsletter — enjoy!

by ROB DE LEEUW VAN WEENEN — Senior Project Manager, NEA Transport research and training

LABEL now on the brink of starting the certification of truck parking areas

After producing recommendations about levels to distinguish with regards to safety, security, comfort & dignity and food & shopping, LABEL is now in the process of choosing the 75 truck parking areas across Europe who will be audited — and certified — as an integral part of the LABEL project.

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Legal roots of the LABEL project

LABEL aims, among others, to constructively react on the obligations foreseen in EC Regulation 561/2006 — the legal framework for working conditions of commercial drivers in the road transport sector.

by guest writer: ANDREAS LUBITZ — Transport and commercial vehicle PR consultant

Truck Stops with pitfalls

Those who constantly truck back and forth across Europe know the dilemma: The quality of truck stops in Europe is very uneven. The range is from safe, clean and fine to dingy, dark and dangerous, with innumerable shades in between. And often the drivers don’t know what to expect.

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by ANGELICA GRAVENDIJK — Manager Business & Development —
Insurance Bureau for Vehicle Crime

What are secure parking areas to insurers?

The introduction of the LABEL project has been highly appreciated by the insurance sector…

(European Road Federation)

Better truck parking areas for safer roads

Being the voice of the European Road, The European Union Road Federation (ERF) — the Brussels Programme Centre of the International Road Federation (IRF-BPC) — is aware of the deficiencies that European road infrastructure suffers from and is fully committed to mitigate them in order to ensure safer and smarter roads. Hence their active participation in LABEL.


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