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LABEL Newsletter Nº 2 : September 2009

LABEL Work Package Updates

Work Package 2 – Existing standards and Legal Framework

by LESLIE GUILLOU — Groupe Save

This Work Package is aimed at producing recommendations with regards to criteria use and levels to distinguish with regards to safety, security, comfort & dignity and food & shopping. The main tasks consist in determining an overview of existing standards, performing a risk assessment of parking area and researching an adequate LABEL methodology.

The final version of Inception Report was elaborated on December 2008.

The team has given its reflections on the risk assessment and based its thoughts on the development of several levels of security as well as list of services. These levels will complete those of SETPOS which are very high and will enable the LABEL auditors and certifiers to assess at minimum 50 parking areas In Europe and especially in the Corridor IV (Eastern Europe countries from Germany to Turkey and Greece).

These levels must enable to develop a list of Secured Parking Areas all over the Europe. These will be adapted to the requirements of hauliers as regards security and also to the requirements of the 27 countries of the European Union.


Work Package 3 – Classification and Certification scheme

by SILVIA BADER — Project Manager Business Development, DEKRA Certification

DEKRA as WP3 leader has finalised the criteria for the LABEL certification schemes concerning service and security. For this purpose, the recommendations of WP 2 have been reconsidered with regard to their practical application. They have been specified to facilitate an efficient audit.

1) Participation in the certification process

For participation in the certification process for LABEL, the following requirements must be satisfied:

2) Security level

For the certification of the security level, WP 2 has recommended a 5-levelsystem represented by locks. One lock stands for basic security, five locks for high security comparable to the SETPOS high security level. SETPOS 'Special Security' is represented by a '+'. The number of locks for a TPA refers to the existence of a defined set of security measures. These measures are 'hard criteria', a certain measure cannot compensate for the lack of another.

The use of 'hard criteria' makes the certification transparent and easily comprehensible.
WP3 followed this system recommended by WP2. In addition to this system, WP3 operationalized some criteria, for example the criteria fence is fulfilled within alternative barriers, the criteria lighting has been reworded to “generally lighted”.
Further WP3 developed some additional criteria. For example emergency call system in security level 2.

The valuation of the factor 'driver' should also be reconsidered for a viable certification scheme. For this reason the Auditors are asked to speak with drivers during the on-site audit.


Work Package 4 – Support Systems

by JÜRGEN WEHNERT — Operations Manager, Move & Park SAS

WP4, the work package with the humble title “support systems“ has become pivotal to the LABEL project. The considerations for the design of the signage has progressed. The goal is delicate: Designs that conform with European countries rule-sets for road signs and which are attractive to truck parking site operators and drivers at the same time. The different rating schemes and how they relate to each other, the display and alignment of certification data and the outcome of unannounced tests — all that was fixed in the second WP4 meeting July 24 in Hamburg. The ultimate question is: How much does it cost and who is willing to pay for it? It cannot be answered yet, but we successfully structured our approach how to find out. Finally the interplay of the LABEL database with other internet resources has been considered. We are steaming ahead, stay tuned for more information in the next newsletter.


Work Package 5 – Certification Process
Work Package 6 – Evaluation

…not yet started

Work Package 7 – Interest Groups and Dissemination

Nothing to report for now — but watch this space.

This Newsletter is an instrument of LABEL dissemination, and as such is part of Work Package 7.